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Defend Hosting MultiCRM is a Powerful and Modular CRM. It contains over 35 features & modules. 

Your sales team gets more selling time and stays productive; your business retains more customers. You don’t have to switch between tools for essential sales activities. From one spot, you can manage leads, invoices, tickets, emails

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Stop wasting time, Start Earning

MultiCRM comes with all the features that are required to boost your close rate by up to 28% 

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See why over 75,000 users use MultiCRM


Personal calendar with the option to share. Public calendars for meeting rooms, resource reservations.


Create, track and optimize marketing activity.


Prospect who might be interested in your products. You may collect leads from events, web forms etc.


Record information about your customers. The person can be individual or linked with the company.


Account records is an organization customer. The record can be connected with almost every module.


Deals are potential sales and opportunities. You can collect them and work with them to change to real revenue.


Contains the detailed list of Products and Services.


Register of invoices in one place. information about the statuses, products and services you provide.


Tickets are any kind of customer service requests. Module helps to collect requests, inquiries and problems.

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It’s time to expect more, We believe power comes from simplicity
Set up in under 2 minutes

Customers reviews

It has made our sales department more effective and efficient. It’s easy to use and it’s constantly updated.

Mike ~NY Goods 

Defend Hosting MultiCRM is a powerful tool for our sales team – all of our important sales info is now streamlined and easy to act on.

John ~ BFG Data

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