Lead & Call Center CRM


Leadify is a lead management application for call centers and small to large scale business. It’s been developed to record contact with customers, book sales appointments and lots more.

Lead automatization for assigning member

A timer that will autosave time for lead

Assign multiple members to campaign

Send email to lead using predefined email templates

Book appointment to lead.

Add a callback to yourself or a member

Mark lead as interested/not interested

Add custom lead when campaigning finished


  • Web Call Dialer
  • Campaign management
  • Import/Export leads
  • Call manager
  • Team member management
  • Sales members management
  • Sales appointments
  • Callbacks
  • Send emails to customers
  • Call time recorder for leads
  • Email templates
  • Form builder for campaigns
  • Multi-language support
  • Call history with time log
  • Add manual lead
  • Import form fields from CSV
  • One-click update
  • Roles and permission management
  • RTL Supported

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