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We Offer the Best Solution for new and Professional Marketers with our SEO VPS loaded with Tools, Tutorials, Linklists and Support. SEO VPS, SEO Tools VPS, or GSA SEO are provided in a monthly basis.

No Worrying About Using All Your Bandwidth At Home! Use Ours!

  • Unlimited Bandwidth, Desktop Is Always Running even if you disconnect!
  • Have Staff? Desktops Are Great For Outsourcing too.
  • Fast Connection, Up to 1gb/s On Each Server.
  • SSD Optimized for Xrumer, Senuke and More.
  • Tools installed and activated. No licenses needed, use ours!
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Award Winning Support

We know time is money, ours around the clock expert ticket support will always help you solve your problems in 9 hours.

24 Hours Refund Policy

We offer 24 hours refund policy for all our RDP plans except the GSA VPS Pro, GSA VPS and dedicated severs.

Improved Infrastructure

Our unique infra setup makes it possible to have administrative rights to all our VPS servers. We know it’s important to have admin access to allow programs/tools working correctly. You will also have full control of your machine

Super Fast

You’ll get secured CPU and memory amounts for faster speeds. We use only Pure SSD hard drives for an extreme performance.

FREE Captcha

You can save up to 75% captcha costs with our Free Captcha System. GSA Captcha Breaker are included on all our SEO tools Plans.

Secure Servers

We understand that network uptime is crucial for your valuable online presence and this is why our entire network is fully redundant. Your hosting and servers will be accessible and online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days per year.We strive to hold a 100% uptime for all of our servers.

Why Choose Us?

Defend Hosting gives you the solution that you need to dominate your competition and get highly targeted traffic. We will help you gain more from your optimization techniques via the optimization tools in our SEO VPS. Trusted by thousands of webmasters and affiliate marketers around the world, Defend Hosting has become one of the most accredited SEO web hosting companies offering SEnuke VPS, SEO VPS, SEO tool VPS and GSA VPS solutions.

All SEO VPS, SEO Tools VPS, or GSA SEO VPS are provided in a monthly basis. Licenses are included.

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