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WordPress technical support

WordPress technical support

WordPress technical support is one of the services more important for WordPress users. Defend Hosting offers a number of avenues for reaching helpful, individualized support, but sometimes it can be difficult to determine the best place to ask your question.

This document details the various types of support offered for Defend Hosting and Defend Hosting-related services, and how to take advantage of them. It will help you get straight to the right source, so that you can get the quickest, most accurate answer to your question!

  • Assistance with general WordPress website issues
  • Recovering & securing hacked WordPress powered websites
  • Securing your WordPress website from viruses, malware and hackers
  • Assistance with WordPress server migrations, ensuring the safe migration of your website to another web host
  • WordPress template customisation and installations
  • WordPress software upgrades and updates
  • Backup solutions for WordPress sites
  • Installation and support of WordPress plugins & widgets
  • Ad-Hoc & Monthly Packages Available

Where should I go for WordPress technical support?

  • If you have a paid support, please use the “Contact Support” form. If you have a paid support plan (Personal, Premium, or Business) and we have chatters available, you’ll be able to chat with us live. Otherwise you can submit the form and we’ll follow up by email.
  • If you do not have a paid upgrade, please post your question in our community forums.
  • If you specifically need help with CSS (changing the fonts, colors, hiding or rearranging aspects of your theme), please ask for advice in the community forums.
  • For help with a premium theme, please post your question in the community forums.
  • If your comments are being marked as spam, please post your question in the community forums.
  • If you need a self-hosted WordPress site, please use our shared hosting service.
  • You can order our automatic backups to be safe.

If you want to order one of our support packages, please go to prepaid support.


Before you reach out to support, you might want to check out our many help resources to see if your question is already answered there.

Our knowledgebase has a lot of great documentation to answer your questions. We have videos, screenshots, and walkthroughs detailing many of the questions and problems users encounter while using WordPress.com. Search through the documentation and you’ll likely learn some extra tips as you go. For tips on how to troubleshoot you might want to check out How To Be a WordPress.com Detective.


The WordPress.com Forums are a great place to get support as well. Staff are active members in the forums, but there are a lot of volunteers ready an willing to help as well. Most of the forum volunteers are veteran WordPress.com users who started out just like you. They’ll surely have some tips and tricks to help with most questions.

Premium Theme owners, be sure to visit the dedicated Premium Themes forums where theme authors provide customization tips and exclusive support.

For CSS questions, there’s a designated CSS Customization forum. The forum is monitored by volunteers and WordPress.com staff who are especially well-versed in CSS, and this will typically be a more detailed and helpful source of CSS support than the normal support channels.

Be sure to make use of the forum’s search feature to locate previous discussions that could provide the solution to your problem.

Have more questions about the forums? Check out this support document.

Timeline for Answers to WordPress technical support Requests

We answer all questions in the order in which they are received. We try very hard to answer all support requests within 24 hours, but sometimes we do get a bit behind. If you have not received an answer to your question, please don’t submit a duplicate request. We will get to you as soon as we possibly can, and submitting multiple requests slows things down.

To ensure that we’re able to answer your question as quickly and efficiently as possible, please see these tips for contacting support and this article on the art and science of getting good support.

In particular, the more specific details you can provide about exactly what you’re doing and seeing on your end, the better we’ll be able to understand and diagnose your problem. Please be sure to include the following:

  • The URL to the blog you are having trouble with.
  • The URL to any specific post, page, image, or other item you are having trouble with.
  • A detailed description of what went wrong, what you have tried so far, what you were expecting to happen, and what you would like to happen.
  • Your username and the associated email address if you are having trouble with a user account.
  • A screenshot of the problem, if applicable.

Live Chat WordPress technical support

If you own a plan upgrade, you have access to live chat support on business days.

You can access live chat by using the live chat windows and clicking on Contact Us towards the bottom of the page. Fill out the form and click on Chat with Us underneath.

Keep in mind that we may not be available to chat right away if all of our operators are busy chatting with other users. In this case you will see Submit Support Ticket instead of Chat with Us. You can send your request by email or wait for few minutes until you see a pop up message on your screen informing that one of our operators is available to chat. The button will automatically change to Chat with Us. You don’t need to refresh the screen. The message will pop up and the button will be switched automatically once an operator will become available.

Phone Support

We do not provide phone support. All support is done through online communication.

Concierge Support

If you have a WordPress Business Plan, you can schedule a 1:1 screen-share with the ability to talk via voice to a Happiness Engineer.

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